Amazing Longanisa at Pike Place Market

Pike Place Market is known for clam chowder and Seattle Seafood, but as luck would have it, I had less than half an hour to spend there before a flight and found this gem. I lived next to Daly City for years and miss Filipino food so much living in NYC, and this is definitely some of the best longanisa I’ve ever had, paired with some awesome pancit and rice. Check out Oriental Mart if you’re in the area and don’t want the usual.

Longanisa with Rice and Pancit

Longanisa with Rice and Pancit

The people who work here are awesome too. Super nice and a fun bunch. The food stall has some serious character and Filipino pride that I appreciate by extension.


East Midtown Poke Love

First crosspost here from ViewingNYC to get rolling.

I definitely recommend Sons of Thunder located on 38th and 3rd for those transplanted New Yorkers from Hawaii or the West Coast or just those folks who crave poke and good rice.  Really good poke bowls and options with good options for customization and really really good soft serves to top off.

In a neighborhood starved for more healthy and chill restaurants, Midtown East/Murray Hill has a new poke spot in a refreshing addition to the area. Headlining the menu at Sons of Thunder are its poke bowls for those looking for a healthy meal, as well as creamy organic shakes and soft serves for those looking for a treat…. read more.

Hello World!

After repeated requests from friends for years, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and write about great places I’ve eaten and where I’ve travelled.

A lot of this is largely inspired by my Bessie’s Best column I do at ViewingNYC, where a lot of initial content will be cross-posted in terms of the food blogs – with some bonuses – as well as more travel content and places to visit around NYC.

I plan to post every two weeks here.  Expect a lot of local flavor from New York City, Los Angeles (my hometown where I’m at at least once every three months or so), and worldwide.

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Here we go!