Bombay Elegance at Dishoom in London

Whenever I go to London, I make it a point to eat at a Dishoom.

Their famous bacon breakfast naan roll is incredible, but I couldn’t make it for this quick layover I had in London before I embarked on Remote Year. Reveling and reflecting now in this first meal from my epic journey last year and last this location. I’ve been to the one in Shoreditch multiple times, but I went to this one in Kensington, which had a more elegant interior.

Dishoom pays homage to Irani Bombay cafes. I love the inherent nostalgia of places like this or even upmarket tributes to it, steeped in tradition of food, beverages, and conversation like the cha chaan tengs of Hong Kong or American diners where people of all backgrounds rubbed shoulders for a quick and delicious meal.

The House Chai is second to none for me, with refills. While I couldn’t get the famous breakfast this time, I really enjoyed the lamb with naan and the bhel salad (very filling on its own really). Worth it to be THE restaurant you make time to go do when visiting London.

  • Website
  • 4 Derry St, Kensington, London W8 5SE, UK
  • ~$12-20 USD 

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