Trump and Daily Living: Can Americans Take It?

Charles M. Blow ‘First They Came For…

“This has come as a great shock and demoralizer to many Americans, not necessarily because they didn’t think Trump was capable of such depravity, but because they simply were unprepared for the daily reality of living a nightmare. There is an enduring expectation, particularly among American liberals, that progress in this society should move inexorably toward more openness, honesty and equality. But even the historical record doesn’t support that expectation.”

This is my fear about America, most people do not having a living or even a collective memory of what it’s like to live under a daily assault to your senses, dignity, and even for those that do, this is a different animal. There’s a belief things will turn out okay, and that’s just not true. I generally like being positive, but experience teaches me otherwise.


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