Eight years after Barack Obama


Me on the left in 2008 running in the streets on U and 14th in DC

Eight years ago, I graduated from college and was part of the young army that jonesed and elected Barack Obama.

I dreamed one day I’d have a swanky job that paid me to stay in fancy hotel rooms. It was like we woke up in an America suddenly full of opportunity for People of Color like me I had never imagined. I felt so part of America like I never had. I just came off time living in Asia and seriously was a crossroads in choosing a destiny – the Asia Modern as an Overseas Taiwanese person or being American and choosing the West.

Eight years later, I am in a fancy hotel sent by my swanky job (now endangered by the Brexit) with a front row seat to see if I made the right choice or not.


Me in a nice hotel room right now.

If Hillary emerges victorious tomorrow, which I think she will, it might be an affirmation of my choice. However, this year was the year my faith has truly been tested, and like many have gone through the futile exit plans of running to Canada .

It’s sad, but I think lasting damage has been done to this country and our faith in ourselves no matter what happens tomorrow. At least I have a fancy high floor to watch any impending doom.




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