Why I Can’t Wait to Read The Good Immigrant

I can’t wait to read this once I can get this book stateside. Also I love this part of in the Monocle podcast covering the book about having three voices, which I think a lot of children of immigrants have.
Your White people phone/at work voice, the hybrid voice in of your neighborhood or the people who roll with for real – your normal voice – one you’re sure if it still quite feels like you or comfortable anymore once you reach a professional status, and the language of another land that will probably be lost on your children.
Ever since I first went around Europe alone as a adult (sort of) when I was 19 and discovered there were other countries full of people like us, it was this simultaneous:
1) We’re not alone in America as what we are.  There are people living as mongrel cultures everywhere.
2) Oh shit, I’m glad I got to grow up in America and be a person of color here instead. I think a lot of us 2nd gen Americans, and Canadians too, have experienced advantages we don’t think enough about, having arrived in countries that are more blank slates for us instead of inheriting history of being from a former colony or descended from slavery.
3) Totally obsessed with stories of people like us in other places.  This has been rekindled lately where our destinies seem to have a lot more parallel convergences under the shadow of the Brexit and a potential Trump presidency.
I hope this is available soon stateside.

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