Thoughts on Sadiq versus Trump and the rise of ‘Others’ in the West

I’m a little late to this party, but it seems that the Western world is facing a reckoning, will it let the the people imported for essentially subordinate labor rise in meritocracy? Are people willing to face reality, history, and an integrated future as equals?

It’s easy to imagine London, possibly the most cosmopolitan and global of cities electing Sadiq Khan (sorry New York). It’s harder to imagine the masses of Europe or the United States be nearly as accepting (maybe Canada?).

A particular proclivity of these multicultural countries is joyfully celebrating token celebrities and successes, yay enjoying Beyonce and Barack on TV, cheer on Mario Balotelli and Zidane Zidane, but secretly hating accountability for history and non-White male superiors and ideologies that don’t place past practices and power as supreme.

In the United States, our reckoning has come. It’s everything from Black Lives Matter to the Bernie Bros.  We’re at a strange moment in history, White anxiety and racism versus the cacophonous rise of ‘the other America’ and everything in between. (See the disconnect between those thinking minorities wanting token unmerited representation versus those of us who are sick of seeing our talent and work denied in favor of upholding White mediocrity). It’s going to be a rough one.

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